BGen Andrew Armacost, AFA Dean of Faculty

Addressed two issues of the Air Force Academy in the News recently regarding Academic Accusations and negative news:

1)  A special course taught for two basketball players

The two basketball players were Economic majors.  There was a course they needed, which was required for them to graduate, but it was only offered in the afternoon while the two cadets were at basketball practice.  The Academy offered the class in the morning to fulfill the graduation requirements.  Other cadets already had their schedules filled and didn’t want to change to attend the morning class, so the two basketball players were the only ones in the class.  Any major University would have done or would do the same thing to graduate their student(s).

The professor who had to teach the class was disgruntled and left the Academy in 2011.  He is just now complaining to the press (three years after the fact).  Special courses are done routinely, such as for the competition flying cadets.  There was more to the story than the paper reported.

2)  Departments hooking up athletes with instructors

All cadets get the help they need from their instructors; often one-on-one.  All cadets have the opportunity to attend extra instruction (EI) with their instructors; no matter if they are athletes or not.

Sexual Assault and drug cases in 2011, 2012, & 2013

– All were adjudicated and justice was served.

–  General Johnson and he look at every case and determine if, and how, the Academy can do better and become a better institution.  They deal with every sexual abuse case and criminal activity.  They are trying to get the word out about the great things the Air Force Academy does and is.

The Good Things:

– The Cadets – fantastic raw material with incredible talent

– 2018 Attributes:

-1214 entered (947 men & 267 women) from all over the U.S. and 14 different nations

– 591 are pilot qualified

– Cadets like Justin (last name withheld) from Baltimore who is part of the class of 2018.  He was 10 when his parents divorced.  He had two younger sisters.   His mom was leading a destructive lifestyle and neglecting the family.  Justin was taking care of his younger sisters.  At the age of 16, he reported his mother to Social Services to save his sisters.  He joined the Air Force and was an airman for two years before going to the Air Force Academy.  Despite death threats from his own mother and her friends, Justin chose the harder right over the wrong.

– The Class of 2018:

– 1 in 5 are first generation to attend college
– 1 in 8 come from a single parent home
– 1 in 8 were junior ROTC cadets in High School
– 1 in 20 served and were prior enlisted before coming to the Academy
– They are full of courage, grit, integrity, and service
– 2 out of 3 were members of the National Honor Society
– 4 out of 5 earned high school athletic letters

Currently discussions are in the process regarding the Academy’s Core Curriculum which makes up 2/3’s of all the courses that a cadet takes.  Debating whether to allow cadets more choices, maintain the current standard, or decrease/increase the current curriculum.  Currently the Academy is on a 40 lesson system.  Each class is 53 minutes and 7 minutes in between classes to transition from class to class.  Over loads are allowed and there is one area of growth – the Scholars program with great enrichment opportunities and challenges for cadets.

The Academy is also debating whether to allow ROTC men and women with two years of college, who demonstrate leadership and commitment, to enter the Academy for their last two years and graduate from the Academy.

Brig. Gen. Armacost brought two 2014 graduates with him: 2nd Lt. Nic Young and 2nd Lt. Terry Tilghman.

They both shared about their life, what brought them to the Academy, their experience at the Academy, and their future plans; both are headed to pilot training.

Brig. Gen. Armacost finished up by answering numerous questions from the club members.  He was more than generous with his time.

THANKS to Mrs. Patty Daviscourt for writing this summary of BGen Armacost’s remarks!


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