Notes from the briefing given by Mr. Derm Coll, ADA for Development

[Notes taken by Mrs. Patty Daviscourt – THANK YOU, Patty]

– Mission statement from their website:  The mission of the Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation (AFAAC) is to support the Air Force Athletic Department mission of producing leaders of character for our Nation. To generate the necessary revenue to support Air Force Intercollegiate Athletics and promote the Air Force Academy to the Nation through athletics.

– The purpose of the AFA Athletic Corporation is to assist the department of athletics at USAFA.  The Board is in charge of raising funds and handling the athletic association’s newly established 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

– The mission of the Air Force Academy Athletic Corp. is still the same – to build future leaders of character; they haven’t forgotten their roots.

– Most competitive colleges have budgets of $15-20 million.  AFA couldn’t compete with that.

– With the new 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Air Force Academy Athletics can keep up with those bigger budget colleges.

– Changes the AFA athletics government mentality of “spend it, or you won’t get it next year.”

– Makes everything pertaining to the Athletics Dept. more effective, more efficient, and more sustainable.

– Besides the Athletics side, the differences now are to push towards a customer service model and treat fans better; to replace old systems with more efficient systems, and provide for more opportunities.

– The board members are: Alonzo C. Babers; Eileen M. Collins; Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Charles H. Coolidge, Jr.; Theo Gregory; Gen. (Ret.) John G. Lorber; Allan McArtor; Dr. Hans J. Mueh (Brig. Gen., Ret.); Dr. Harvey W. Schiller (Brig. Gen., Ret.) and Marilyn M. Thomas.


2017 AFA Football Schedule

AFA Football Schedule 2017