Quote from Gen. Mark Welsh

On August 12, 2013, at the Change of Command Ceremony, the Air Force Chief of Staff gave the following charge to the new Superintendent

“Lead them, inspire them, and take care of them”

Remarks from the Superintendent

The AFA Quarterback Club of Denver warmly welcomed the new Superintendent on her first visit to a QBC luncheon.  She and her staff actively engaged in meeting and talking with many members and guests prior to her captivating address to a capacity crowd.

Click here to read a comprehensive record of her talk, which includes prepared and extemporaneous remarks.

LtGen Michelle Johnson – “An American Story”

You have to admire a new Superintendent who after a mere few weeks on the job picks as her point of focus those grads who have been selected for outstanding sportsmanship because of their personal integrity. Nothing better than ‘value-based’ leadership for the future of our Academy, our military, and our country. Dynamic, engaging, comfortable in this role, with a great sense of humor. It’s going to be a great next 4 years.  Timo Sullivan, QBC President

Comment heard frequently in the audience

“She gets it”

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