Introduction:  Col. Uribe immigrated to the U.S. in 1978, seeking something better, and Graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1988.

He is Head of the Foreign Language Department and the USAFA International Education Programs

The objective is to create officers of character who can communicate and understand across cultures.

From the classroom to the field: prepare cadets for the world and then immerse them.

Requirements:  In 2011 graduation requirements called for every cadet to have at least two semesters of foreign language.  Non-technical majors are required to have four semesters of foreign language study.

In 1969, French was the first foreign language offered by the Academy.  Today cadets study Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, or Spanish (eight of the world’s most important languages).

Foreign Language Programs include:

1) SCEAP – Semester Cadet Exchange Abroad Program

–        France (1969), Germany (1999), Spain (2001), Chile, Canada, Japan, and Singapore (2013)

2)  CSSAP – Cadet Semester Study Abroad Program

–        Semester abroad at a civilian university (China, Ukraine, Morocco, Japan, Mexico, Brazil)

–        Includes cadets as Rhode Scholars and Marshall Scholars

3)  Short Term Engagements:

A.  CSLIP – Cadet Summer Language Immersion Program

  • Three week program
  • Sixty hours in class and the afternoon is used to experience the culture
  • Approximately 180 cadets/year will participate
  • Locations include South America, Middle East,  Russia, Japan, Europe, and Asia

B.  Cultural Immersion Programs

  • Usually one to three weeks.
  • Approximately 50 cadets/year
  • Projects are designed to help the region/community they are visiting.
  • Foundations provide funding for these programs and it is not part of the USAFA budget.

4)  Four Year International Cadet Program

–    Up to 60 cadets from other countries come to USAFA to earn their degree. (Currently 58)

–    Fully integrated into the cadet wing for four years.

–    Cadet from Iraq (lasted three years and then left); Cadet from Afghanistan is currently a junior.

International Week

–        Receives incoming cadets from foreign nations

–        Up to 32 countries from around the world send 2-4 cadets and one officer each year, to visit the Air Force Academy for one week.

–        The event was cancelled this year due to sequestration.

–        This event creates bonds with foreign nations

Foreign Academy Visits

–        Seven to ten day trips to military academies around the world, focusing on professional development while gaining a different and professional perspective of the world.

–        This is often an asset down the road for many cadets

The cadet perspective was priceless and was provided by C1C Shelby Coats who spent one semester in China.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”     Nelson Mandela



Producing officers of character with a global perspective is good for the Air Force and for other nations; it helps us to better understand our friends and our foes.

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