Major General Trulan Eyre and his wife, Deb, were guests of Ted Beattie at Luncheon #2


Club President Bob Fillmore invited General Eyre to make a few remarks – key points:

*  1979 AFA Graduate, recently promoted to Major General, currently flying part-time for Delta Airlines

*  Commander, Air National Guard at First Air Force, Tyndall Air Force Base, FL

*  Last assignment:  Commander, 140th Wing, CO ANG at Buckley AFB

*  When he left Buckley AFB 1 year ago, he was the oldest active F-16 pilot in the US – earned him to nickname “Gray Beard”

*  He described the First Air Force mission – click here for more details

*  Mentioned that the 158th Fighter Wing in Burlington AP, Vermont will be the first ANG wing to fly the F-35

In response to a question about flybys, responded that the Thunderbirds are authorized to fly, but local units – like the F-16 Wing at Buckley AFB – are not authorized to fly


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