Luncheons in the 2014 Lineup

#1:  13 Mar     CMSgt Stephen Ludwig  

Command Chief Master Sergeant  bio

#2:  24 Apr      MGen Trulan Eyre  ANG Commander, First AF  bio

          Dr Hans Mueh  Director of Athletics   bio

#3:  15 May     BGen Gregory J. Lengyel Commandant of Cadets   bio

#4:  21 Aug      Troy Calhoun  Head Football Coach  bio

#5:  4 Sep        BGen Andrew Armacost  Dean of the Faculty   bio

#6:  18 Sep      LGen Michelle Johnson  Superintendent  bio

#7:  2 Oct         Club Members Clif Shipman, Bill Blumberg, and Ed Montgomery

#8:  16 Oct        Dr Hans Mueh  Director of Athletics   bio

#9:  30 Oct        Dr. Robert Enzenauer  Eye Specialist  bio

#10:  13 Nov     Col  Doug Lamberth  Vice Superintendent  bio

#11:  10 Dec      BGen Stephen Williams  Commandant of Cadets  bio

2017 AFA Football Schedule

AFA Football Schedule 2017