[Notes taken by Mrs. Patty Daviscourt – THANK YOU, Patty]

– Highly educated man with a Masters and PhD.

– Long term member faculty member at USAFA for 14 years: Instructor in Management and then Head of the Management Dept. (The management dept. is the largest major and largest dept. at USAFA.)

– Self proclaimed total nerd.

– Air Force ROTC at North Western University.  Not an AFA graduate.  His father was an AFA ’64 grad. and his father-in-law was a navy grad.  He didn’t get into AFA due to medical reasons.

– Some have said he is too young, others that he doesn’t have enough ribbons (from combat/serving active duty), however, he has dedicated his life to the service of teaching.

[When Gen. Armacost was announced as the new USAFA Dean of Faculty, there were over 700 likes on the AFA facebook page and over 500 comments (all positive) regarding the choice,  most comments were from former students.  It’s not a popularity position, and that’s not what matters to him, however, it does show the depth of character he has and how he has impacted cadets at AFA.  He is very well liked and respected by the current Wing and past cadets.]

– Goal is to find Balance between Academics and Activities (whether atheletic or non-athletic).

– Wants to have every cadet feel a sense of learning and accomplishment; an opportunity to do something bigger than themselves; to create a culture of learning for all cadets with a desire for excellence in all they do, while preparing them to do great things (after the Academy).

– Looks for the character in our cadets.

– His operating budget has gone from approximately $10-$16 million (in 2010) to $3.8 million for 2013.

– Looking for innovative and creative ways to run the AFA.

– AFA is a high quality, world class institution.  Nothing compares to it.  The ROTC program produces officers in a less costly way, but the AFA produces officers unlike any other, who are well rounded and better prepared to be leaders.  The opportunities and experiences that cadets will have at USAFA are beyond comparison based equally in social sciences, humanities, basic sciences, and engineering.  Academics are to enhance their officership.

– Current Instructors: Military (70%), Civilian (30%)

– 31 Academic Majors, 20 Academic Departments

– Going through a core curriculum review right now.  Looking at how traditions benefit and/or hamper the curriculum.  Looking at the best educational practices which will serve cadets in their future career as an officer; to graduate officers who understand what their job is.  Curriculum changes will affect the class of 2019.

– It’s not all about academics, it’s about an appreciation and love of learning, a curiosity which will make them better officers, better leaders, and better members of society.


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